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Trauma is difficult to define. Often, it is described as a violent tear between what should be and reality. As such, trauma is a complex and frequently misunderstood condition. We recognize that everyone's experience is unique, and we provide a safe and welcoming environment for individuals to explore their feelings and begin the healing process. 



Trauma can have a profound impact on a person's mental and emotional well-being. It can stem from a variety of experiences, such as physical or emotional abuse, the loss of a loved one, or a severe accident. Traumatic experiences can trigger a range of reactions, from anxiety and depression to flashbacks and nightmares, and sexual changes like hypersexuality, anger, argumentative, seclusion, startle responses, and dissociation. It's essential for individuals who have experienced trauma to seek support and treatment to help them cope and heal.

Meaning Making

Trauma is a state where we feel powerless and unable to cope with circumstances that exceed our ability to handle them. It can leave us feeling lost, disconnected, and hopeless. However, at Wise Elephant, we believe in the power of healing. Overcoming trauma requires working through the pain and discomfort, developing new ways of perceiving safety, and finding significance in the entire experience. Our team works collaboratively with you to create a personalized plan that helps you regain your sense of self. Together, we will navigate the difficult terrain of trauma, and emerge on the other side with newfound strength and resilience.


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