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Meet David Vest

Exceeding Expectations One Patient at a Time

I grew up in the Midwest, and after the passing of my father, I found that the only way for me to afford a college education was to enlist in the military. On Pearl Harbor day in 1993, I entered Navy Boot Camp. I devoted eight years to the US Navy before returning to civilian life. The Navy offered me an incredible career in intelligence, and I visited most of the world. I was fortunate to set foot on every continent except for Antarctica.

2003, I became a sworn Police Officer in the State of California. I worked diligently and took on many different facets of law enforcement. One of those facets was becoming a Homicide Detective. The position required me to be a liaison for my department to several different community organizations. Through these connections, I learned I could communicate with people and offer solutions that helped people. I felt like this was a calling of mine, and I decided I needed an education.

I graduated with my Bachelor's in Science from BIOLA University in 2007 and later graduated with my Master's in Science in Counseling Psychology from California Baptist University in 2010. I am currently a Doctoral candidate finishing my dissertation on psychological trauma.  These experiences made me more relevant in the community and led me through unique opportunities. I became a mental health advocate and an FBI-trained crisis negotiator in law enforcement on a regional SWAT team. I also assisted in training several departments in mental health. From my Psychology and academic side, I encouraged relations with law enforcement and court communities.


I still advocate between these disciplines and am humble enough to learn from them. I believe the most outstanding teachers are always the best observers and students. These various disciplines have allowed me to become a guest lecturer, trainer, and advocate. Gaining trust, expertise, and compassion, I have been allowed to serve Veterans and military families. I feel genuinely blessed through all the hard work, the people I have worked with, the people I have learned with, and the people I have taught. I am genuinely grateful that life through these experiences has taught me dedication, balance, compassion, professionalism, openness, and humility.

I genuinely care for all of my clients and work diligently to help them find the answers they seek. Through my experiences, training, academics, and life lessons, I believe I can help others in situations few could understand. As a mindful practitioner, I think you have value and can also offer me the opportunity to learn. I truly take the time to learn about each of my patients and personalize treatment utilizing traditional and newer therapies to create the change you desire. Call me to find out how different life can be.

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